Lodging Indemnity Insurance


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Why this insurance?
An accident can happen at any time and may cause damage to your holiday home. For example the contents of the holiday accommodation, the playground equipment or the private swimming pool in the garden. A travel insurance only provides limited insurance coverage for any costs of such damage. A liability insurance often does not cover these types of damage at all. These are good reasons to insure damage to your holiday home as well. This way, you will avoid unpleasant surprises and can be sure to enjoy a carefree holiday.

Who is insured?
The insured is the tenant of the accommodation and the tenant's companions mentioned on the booking invoice of the rented accommodation.

When insured?
Through a Lodging Indemnity Insurance, you will be insured for any costs arising from any damage to your holiday accommodation. This only applies if you are liable for the damage. The accommodation could be a holiday home, a bungalow or a hotel room. You will be insured from the moment you, the insured, and/or your luggage enter the accommodation up to the moment you and your luggage leave the accommodation. Any event giving rise to your claim for compensation must take place between the start and end dates stated on the policy sheet.
Please note!
The damage amount must be higher than € 25 and the maximum damage payment is € 2,500.00 per rental agreement. We compensate in the following situations:
  • Damage to the holiday home, its contents and playground equipment and the private swimming pool in the garden of your accommodation;
  • Damage to a rented safe-deposit box or to a front door. This damage must have been caused due to the fact you lost the key and had to break open the lock;
  • Prepaid deposit which is retained because damage was caused to a holiday home/boat rented by you.
  • • Prepaid deposit which is retained in case of damage to the rented holiday home/boat.

The benefits at a glance

  • You are insured throughout the world
  • Fast claims handling
  • Supplement to existing insurance policies
Competitive premium
The premium amounts to 1.5% of the rental price. Insurance tax must be paid on this premium.
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